Rotterdam – a tale of water, love and daring architecture


The Netherlands… a destination I have always dreamt of visiting. My dreams mostly revolved around the canal city, pretty Amsterdam. But it was with Rotterdam that I started my Dutch journey.

Once upon a time there was this Danish guy, Andreas’s friend, who fell in love with a sweet Dutch girl in MoMA of NYC. After a year or so of courting, their love story was to be sealed with a wedding. The wedding was to take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands one fine day in August.

The Netherlands – here we come! Normally I love to spend hours doing travel research on the to-do and the must and the insider. With Rotterdam I happily let the city to surprise us. And surprise it did.

You wouldn’t expect that from a city that was completely destroyed during the WWII. There are very few historical buildings preserved, but the city has fully compensated for its loss with some insane architecture. And it is so attractive.

Crazy architecture at its best. That’s Kijk-Kubus or cube houses. Designed by architect Piet Blom, it’s a definite darling in the Rotterdam sightseeing scene.

This was our home for the two days we were there. There is a hostel in a part of this oddly shaped structure, the rest are apartments and shops on the ground floor. Frankly, it looks much better from outside than inside, the interior is pretty weirdly shaped.

Water, bridges and crazy architecture – that’s Rotterdam for you. The famous Erasmusbrug, Erasmus bridge, is spanning across in the distance.

Water is what gave birth to the city hundreds of years ago and made it into the largest port in Europe today. It is what makes this city so charming and so airy.

Bridges fascinate me. This reddy, the impressive Willemsbrug, was definitely love at first sight.

The traffic on the bridge is quite busy but cars are not the main reason: watch out for bikes, motorcycles, runners, roller skaters, joggers and anyone who is in the sporty mood. Can’t blame them – the venue is perfect with unbeatable views of the city skyline.


The marine industry and Rotterdam sail hand in hand. Everywhere you look there is a reference to this. In the center of the city we found this open-air Havenmuseum, where you can walk on a long deck and check out many cool ships and even climb aboard some of them. Very interesting!


The city also had surprisingly many playgrounds. This one is especially cool for kids of all ages that grew up with Tetris mania!

De Kralingse Plas – If you are into jogging or water sports, this is the place for you. If you, on the other hand, are more into good food and peaceful nature, this is the perfect spot for you. Dutch windmills, Dutch food and good nature looks, all you could wish for on a nice weekend.

We have a sacred tradition of manhole photography. Yeah, you read it right! Wherever we travel, mostly during our urban escapes, we find the most special looking manhole to document. In Rotterdam we found this pretty lady bug, a very special symbol indeed!Lady bug

And here come the happy newlyweds! Tillykke tillykke :)IMG_1899

Photos © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan

Here are some of our Rotterdam highlights.

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