Getting my writing muse back

It has been a while… quite a while since I took to the typewriter to share stories from my travels around the world… 2 years to be exact. Not that there was any lack of exciting stories that could fill a whole book. Quite the opposite, the globetrotter that I am, I took every opportunity to escape into new and familiar lands… It’s just when life gets really busy at times, you forget to prioritise things that once made you very happy. It so happened that as I started a new job my workaholic self quite adamantly took control and dominated over my writing self.

IMG_1167Here I am 2 years later, trying to break that spell and find my writing muse again. Never too late, right? It all started by gentle nudges I kept getting over time by a couple of very special persons that made me reconsider that maybe it was time to restart my blog. Well cheers to that! If you, aka the special persons, are reading this, know that I am truly grateful :)

As I look back on thousands of travel pictures and the map of places I have traversed in the past 2 years, they bring back many happy smiles and beautiful memories. However memories also have this funny quality to them, they are like floating clouds, gently fading away through time and depriving you of the small nuances that come across your path when travelling.

Instead of dwelling on the past and regretting not transferring travel memoirs to ink just in time, I will instead focus on the present and the future. And the present currently is very much focused on oh so bella Italia!


Stay tuned for stories from the eternal city of Roma that just celebrated its 2771st anniversary.

Photos © Ani Movsisyan

Walking in wintery København

Strolling is my favourite mode of discovering the new and the familiar. From an efficiency point of view it is not the best choice, from the Danish point of view it is quite crazy, considering I prefer stomping on my feet more than I do on pedalling my bike.

Here are a few impressions from our Sunday stroll around the lakes. The blue of the water was truly mesmerizing. It was so lovely to feel the sun on your face and see its rays dance on the water.

Duckies on a nice hygge stroll on Copenhagen lakes

Dronning Louises Bro – The favourite hangout of Copenhageners

Blishøne 1: I am small, but I am determined!

Duck: I am deep in thought!

Blishøne 2: I am beautiful, ain’t I?

Winter reflections

Like a graceful ballerina

Hanging out

Winter shapes and reflections

Photos © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan

Winter on the beach in Denmark

Copenhagen has been my home for a few years now, but for some reason I have only discovered the urban beach of Amager Strandpark and the stunning public sea bath of Kastrup Søbad only a few days ago. Perhaps because I was usually away when the summer sun was shining brightly in Denmark over the years, or perhaps because you get this idea in your head that Amager is sooo far away when you live in the inner city, or perhaps because as extremely embarrassing as it is, to confess I don’t know how to swim…yet! There is no excuse for this.

As it usually goes in fairy tales, once upon a time, on a cold winter day in the start of the new year to be precise, I woke up in the morning feeling the playful rays of the sun on my face. Right then and there I decided that today would be the day when I would finally visit this much-hyped about city beach. Of course, having an appointment on that same day with a friend that lives just a stone’s throw away from the beach was very conducive as well.

As we spent a few hours walking along the coast and towards the sunset, I was in complete awe of the surrounding prettiness.

Kastrup søbad – everything in Denmark just needs to be postcard-perfect, even a public sea bath

In harmony with nature

Øresundsbroen melting with the sea in the horizon

Øresundsbroen melting with the sea in the horizon

My first reaction: I am on Bornholm – piercing dark blue water, clear sky getting pinky in the glowing sun, whitish sand and tranquility. That is the image that is greeting you when you direct your gaze towards the sea. Yet when you turn your head, you see the Amager Strand ‘skyscrapers’ in the horizon. Then you realise this is not quite the paradise of Bornholm, but it comes very close.

The ugly duckling

The ugly duckling gliding gracefully

A swan family. Careful not to get too close, they are rather fast in turning from graceful birds to angry warriors

In motion

Soaking in the view

My winter sunbather :)

Family hygge

Stunning sky over a stunning piece of architecture. Now I just need to learn how to swim.

Giant stones on the hill by the beach

Photos © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan

Autumn in the city…

It was spring last time I planned to write something here. The first flowers had just been popping their pretty heads out of the earth, and the nature was in a vivacious state of revival that made you smile with every step you took. Somehow time slipped away, and I never made that spring post.

Now some six months later, it is autumn knocking on our door. It is a season that never fails to put me in a nostalgic state of mind. I love the vibrant burst of colours, despite the approaching cold and rainy days.

I have been away on a study exchange for the good part of the year, and have now returned to my Danish home to find the city turning into a colour canvas.

Autumn touches a Copenhagen playground

The chillin’ mood of Kongens Have that is usually packed in the summer with crowds young and old (and annoying bottle-collectors) has now been transformed into a romantic hideaway.

The perfect autumn scene

One of my favourite places, Dyrehaven, a deer park north of Copenhagen

One of my favourite places, Dyrehaven, a deer park north of Copenhagen

Forest fairies in Dyrehaven

Forest fairies in Dyrehaven

Autumn reflections

Autumn reflections

Even the awe-inducing lady high atop Glyptoteket is ready for the season.

Photos © Ani Movsisyan

LEGO Architect for a day

I have a confession to make: we are officially obsessed with LEGO. An innocent mini-figure collecting has turned into addictive brick shopping. The recent LEGO movie didn’t help matters much, on the contrary it has generated an even more rigorous wave of addiction. The movie is awesome by the way, so if you share the LEGO love, make sure to check it out.

Let the fun begin! LEGO architects in action

To further fuel our addiction, on Saturday we joined the big army of kids at a LEGO workshop held at the Danish Architecture Center. The room was packed with tens of over-excited kids and their even more eager parents. You never grow out of LEGO age, and that is the secret formula.

The mission was one: to build a city of the future. A pretty exciting task, especially if you let kids run their imagination loose.

City of the Future

There was everything from Burj Al Khalifa replicas to futuristic houses to dinosaurs and windmills.

Apparently someone dreamt that dinos will be resurrected in the future.

We have decided to build a city hall, an open elevated building to conserve space and open the ground floor for people of the city to enjoy. The idea was to incorporate many glass elements into the building design, however the little architects seemed to be very fond of glass as a building material. So it was a very scarce material to get our hands on.

Voila! Here is our City Hall of the future proudly presented by LEGO architect Andreas :)

A proud moment!

Fun times! Cheers to all the LEGO enthusiasts out there :)

Photos © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan