Festival of Roses in Valbyparken

Copenhagen is just bursting with life in the summer. There is a festival galore for all kinds of senses. It is so hyggeligt attending one on a sunny Sunday in a company of good friends. Last week we met up with our Icelandic friends, Rosa and Gunni, to attend the festival of roses in Valbyparken.

Since last year I was meaning to check out this event and am glad I did get a chance finally. Copenhagen boasts many pretty parks and green areas, so you will never run out of options. Valbyparken is definitely worth putting on your list especially in the summer. For starters it is huge, but that doesn’t say much of course. How about the fact that it has 17 different themed gardens, each dedicated to a specific type of plants. See for yourself…

photo (4)photo 3photo 4 photo 5 (1)

This is not all. The park can’t be complete without the flower queen – roses! All 12,000 of them in various shapes and colours. It is a pretty sight.

photo 3 (2)

photo 4 (1)

Every year in the beginning of August a festival of roses is being held here, where the visitors get to promenade in well manicured rose alleys and cast their vote in the contest for selecting the most beautiful rose. Just another occasion for some hygge time.

photo 2 (2)

To add extra fun to the occasion, there was also entertainment for kids of all ages. There was an area set up with different board games, and we had so much fun trying all of them. I gotta admit all these board games made me nostalgic of old times again and I wished there was more of such games in our lives. They are fun, entertaining and as an extra bonus you can actually be social while playing and look at each other instead of staring at the screens of the fancy gadgets brought to us by the wonderful technology.

photo 5

photo (4)

We didn’t get to see the winner of the festival but we took home our own crown beauties. There were a couple of stalls selling pretty roses and that is what our plant box was in desperate need of. Since we were away for a few weeks of vacation, our poor flowers were completely dried out, but not for long :)

photo 3 (1)

photo 2

We rounded up the tour of the park with a nice long walk along the waterside. There is even a small stretch of beach where you can swim and enjoy the views over to the Sjællandsbroen. This park just has it all covered!


The Sunday wouldn’t be complete without ice-cream and not just any but the best in Copenhagen. I am not a big fan of ice-cream, as weird as it may sound, but I just can’t resist the temptation at this little ice-cream store, Siciliansk Is in Vesterbro. If you are around, check it out, it’s soooo good!

photo 1

Photos © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan

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