Ring rrring, it’s the phone!

Your plan is to stay long in Germany? Or at least a few weeks? To avoid paying high roaming charges, get a local mobile number. Our fist choice when we arrived in Berlin was O2, one of the biggest operators. They have a tariff plan called O2-o with Airbag, with which your phone bill cannot exceed 50 EUR no matter how much you talk. That was nice. But expensive nonetheless (15 cent/min). Besides to get a post-paid sim card with O2 you need to have lived in Germany for a certain time to be approved for a contract or you can make a side turn and find a local to sign up for you with his/her ID.

Later we found a cheaper and hassle-free operator – FONIC, with nicer rates:

9 cents per minute /SMS to all German mobile- and landlines, as well as to landlines in many European countries and USA. You can also turn on the Internet for a flatrate of 9,95 EUR/calendar month.

There is no binding contract. You just order your card online and enjoy the cheap talking. They even have an automatic refill or SMS refill option when your balance drops under 4 €. So you can link your FONIC account with your bank account and they will automatically withdraw money and refill your account with 10, 20, 30 or 40 EUR as you wish. This feature can be deactivated and activated back any time. In FONIC terms the “airbag” is called “Kostenschuzt” and keeps your bill from exceeding 40 EUR per month.

For your laptop Fonic also offers a USB Internet connection for max 25 EUR/month.

Stay on the line :)

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