An Escape to Dyrehaven // Deer Forest

Copenhagen. A beautiful Saturday. Sunshine (and the kind weather forecast people even promised all week of it. Yeeeeey!). And of course wonderful family. The plan is made. We are going to Dyrehaven to do some deer watching. Imagine, hundreds of Bambis and Bambi families running around in a huge forest and all you need to do is drive 15 km up north from Copenhagen to posh Klampenborg.

You admire Germans for their efficiency and sense of time, however you gotta admire Danes for their laid-back, peaceful selves and their immense sense of coziness. Just visit this park and you will witness it. Fresh air, 11 square km of beautiful nature, small lakes, a hunting castle and more than 2000 deer running free and all these comes at absolutely no cost to you, well except the transportation to the grounds of course…

Formerly the park was a royal hunting ground, presently it is a public area and a wonderful place for strolling, biking, horse-riding and picnicking. In the middle of the park, sitting atop the highest hill is the royal hunting lodge – Eremitagen – built in 1736 for Christian VI. The lodge is impressive, but it is off-limits to the public. Enter the park through one of many sighnature red gates, the most popular is the Klampenborg gate, close to the S-tog station.

I will let you enjoy the scenery now. The practical info as to how and when to go to Dyrehaven you can find in the end of the post.

(Photos © Andreas Eriksen)

Here comes the sun... in all its colourful glory!


Hello there, strangers :)

A good old traditional family - women in the back, men on guard

Our family :)

Preparing an ambush

The white one was pretty aggressive

One of the many winding paths

Curious spectators eyeing each other

The Øresund coastline just across the park

When: 24/7 in any season. Here is what the mother nature has in store for you:
Spring – Little Bambis are born
Summer – hawthorn forest in bloom, which is supposed to be a very picturesque sight in itself.
Autumn – the famous Hubertus Hunt – a traditional race on horses to pursue a fox, well nowadays only a fox tail pinned to the shoulder of the lead rider. It is organized every first Sunday of November.
Winter – skiing

How: 15 min S-tog ride to Klampenborg Station from the Copenhagen Center and a few minutes of walking from there.

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