The city of red roofs, white blooms and Game of Thrones

It was the lingering scent of ‘orange blossoms’ that brought me back…

The flower of Dubrovnik

The flower of Dubrovnik

Back to pretty Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. Three years ago was my first encounter with this beauty. It was a love at first sight. Ever since then the city of red roofs and orange blossoms has held a special place in my heart. And the scent of tiny white flowers blooming in April all around the city lingered in my memories.

The girl and the flowerIt is the month of April three years later and here I am back in Dubrovnik, where the red roofs are still glowing in the sun, medieval walls are as intact and the Adriatic as azure. And most importantly the sweet scent of white blooms is lingering all over the city. I am yet to find out the name of the bush. The fact that it is so terribly enchanting and beautiful in its modest appearance only gets enhanced by its anonymity. I will just call it orange blossoms until then. The name sounds so pretty and they grow right next to orange trees, so why not.


Welcome to Dubrovnik! The city of red roofs, medieval walls, azure waters and in recent years home to King’s Landing of Game of Thrones.

The city is out of this world beautiful, really! It is one of a kind. To appreciate Dubrovnik in all its beauty you should take it in from a hill above the city or from the city walls. For now though we will stay grounded and walk the streets of Dubrovnik to take in the scent of white blooms and retrace the steps down the memory lane.

Pile Gate welcomes you to Dubrovnik

Pile Gate welcomes you to Dubrovnik

Before reaching the gate though, there is a need for a proper welcome to Dubrovnik.

But first a proper welcome :)

Sipping wine in the afternoon sun with a gorgeous view of the medieval city in the horizon

It feels just as enchanting to be walking in the latte coloured streets of Dubrovnik, taking in the sweet scent of white blooms and pretty scenes. First day was all about walking from one end of the city to the other, soaking in the Adriatic sun and indulging on some delicious seafood. The city is quite tiny in terms of physical meter sense but quite long in terms of its beauty. So that small late afternoonish stroll form one gate to another was a pretty sweet welcome to the gem of Croatia. Stay tuned for more adventures from the city of Game of Thrones!


Rocky shores of Adriatic

Rocky shores of Adriatic


What a magical welcome!


Hibernating before the summer season kicks off

Sunset view

Dubrovnik harbour looking all dreamy in the sunset sky <3

Photos © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan

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