Berlin on Foot

Here comes my first little tip for you hungry travellers out there, a small welcome to Berlin and tips to conquer the city on foot.

Berlin is like a big treasure chest waiting to be uncovered. From posh Charlottenburg to historical Mitte, from dreamy suburbia of the south to the bustling and colorful north, it has got it all… Where it lacks in history, creativity comes to the rescue. It is an amazing place to be even for a day or two. If you are into guidebooks my recommendations are:

Time Out Berlin is very practical, with accommodation, eating and sightseeing neatly divided in sections and districts. So that was our first investment. For the Danish speaking audience the good old friend Turen går til Berlin by Politiken has been a steady companion for us.

Through a friend I got to know Polyglott Berlin Walks (Polyglott zu Fuss Berlin entdecken). It is an amazing 30-tour pocket sheets, with various tours all over the city and beyond, including the Potsdam area. I did many of the walks and they are just super and handy. It has a tour map, with information about each journey-point. The tours are categorized by by length and some are even suitable for rainy weather – a feature very welcomed this summer… Right now it only comes in German, but even if you don’t speak German, the map is all you need – below is a little sneak-peek for you :)Polyglott Berlin Walks example

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