Berlin English Language Cinemas

For the moving picture enthusiasts Berlin has a wide choice of cinemas, including English language. We usually go to CineStar at Sony Center, I suppose the most popular one. Well first their venue is absolutely gorgeous. You can never get tired of looking at Sony Center roof and admiring the colour-play in the evening. If you are into dreaming, try lying on the metal seats and gazing up towards the famous man-made sky…

Anyway back to CineStar, being the biggest cinema in Berlin they show all the new and hit releases. Check out this link for more info and don’t forget students get discounts and the prices vary during the week: Tuesday is the cheap day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday are most expensive. Average price is around 7-8 EUR.

 Besides this, there are a lot of other choices scattered around Berlin:

Cinemas in Berlin showing English films
New schedules are usually released weekly on Fridays.

For a short description of each cinema check

For the true movie lovers do not forget that Berlin hosts the international film festival Berlinale every year in February.

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