Corona chronicles from Denmark: Day 2 of quarantine

March 12 – Denmark has woken up to a new reality. Apart from the major food/toilet paper hoarding that seems to have happened all over the country, a sad feeling of panic feels the air.

The day is spent on work, trying to comprehend the new reality and staying glued to news. Everything is marked as breaking news intensifying the fear and feeling of panic. I am not feeling particularly cheerful, the prevailing mood is gloomy and anxious.

We just venture out to buy some bread and food supplies for the day. I notice fresh lavender in the neighbourhood store. This is what I need to put a tiny smile on my face. Two pots of lavender come home with me.

Another aspect to look forward to is that we decide to make the best of the home quarantine and finally subscribe to a weekly home delivery of organic, fresh produce that comes with exciting food recipes. In the recent years the busy work life and the fact of living right in the middle of the city with all kinds of enticing take-away options and restaurants, had taken over the love of cooking, and we had slowly descended into a routine of take-away food (healthy for the most part) and dine outs. Here was our chance to finally revert back to healthier work-life balance and after taking for months about starting the food subscription finally take action.


The sun of the previous day suddenly gets replaced by crazy hail and snow storm. It lasts a short while, but the doomsday feeling it leaves behind is enough to send you into a depressive mood.


It is March 12. Day 2 of quarantine. Overall feeling is that of uncertainty and anxiety. Small things that made me smile: pretty lavender and the prospect of starting to cook some nice meals again.

Photos © Ani Movsisyan & Andreas Eriksen

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