Corona chronicles from Denmark: Day 5 of quarantine

DO01078072 March 15 – first Sunday in confinement. Today is also the day where a new routine of almost daily evening walks is established. I am actually starting to see a positive light in this crazy pandemic situation.

Spring is my all-time favourite season and has always been. No doubt about it. Being a spring child myself, I love how the nature is awakening, the beautiful blooms everywhere, the sweet scents of white cherry blossoms, yellow daffodils, purple muscari, the chirping of birds greeting me every morning when I open my eyes. Yet it is this year and because of stupid corona that I have started to truly and deeply appreciate the beauty of spring. Spending long hours walking in many parks in and outside the city taking pictures of nature, I have developed a whole other level of love towards spring and the beauty it brings with it.

IMG_8813This time of year the crocus – first flowers of the spring, are covering the grass in one of the central parks of Copenhagen – Kongens Have. The park becomes our first destination of the evening corona walks. My trusty Leica on my shoulder, covered in layers of winter clothes and boots, off we go into the chilly March air. The temperatures are still below the minimum threshold of double digits. It is usual for Denmark, the winter cold likes to linger on well into the spring. The days have started becoming longer and longer though. Another positive sign. It is in the times like this when you start appreciating the small ray of sunshine that are everywhere, yet in the busy and hectic lives we often lead, they become invisible and pushed to oblivion.



On the way back from the beautiful walk we stop at the supermarket to get some supplies for the dinner. Surely the hoarding of a few days before has had its beautiful impact – fresh veggies are totally wiped out. Obviously poor broccoli didn’t make the cut.


All I needed to make me smile is – my darling coriander! There is a love-hate relationship towards coriander in our family. Andreas hates it – alas he will never become a true Armenian as coriander runs in Armenian genes. Today coriander makes it into our shopping basket, luckily it is not a popular herb in Denmark, so it didn’t suffer much the crazy hoarding effects.IMG_8831

Photo © Ani Movsisyan & Andreas Eriksen

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