Corona chronicles from Denmark: Day 9 of quarantine

IMG_7116March 19. Deserted H.C. Andersen boulevard, bolted Glyptoteks Have, a sea of daffodils, sun and smiles. A city of silence and calmness, of spring and hope.

Today a little variation is added into the corona mix. Nothing wild. Just deciding to take an early morning walk in the neighbourhood to start the work day instead of moving from the bedroom straight to the office room, aka sofa, at the break of the dawn.


Sønder Boulevard bathing in morning sun, quiet streets and beautiful strokes of spring everywhere.


IMG_7115Walking towards Glyptoteks Have – there is a bolted gate, Rodin’s The Thinker trapped inside along with a patch of spring and precious works of art. Who knows what goes on in the mind of The Thinker these days?

IMG_8872Crossing the street to one of the busiest avenues in Copenhagen – H.C. Andersen boulevard. It is devoid of cars – apart from a few lone riders here and there, the jam packed, noisy and polluted boulevard is totally silent.

IMG_8879The cars are gone, however the spring has arriving bringing with it a yellow sea of daffodils adorning the boulevard.


Crossing the street towards the ‘power house’ of Denmark – Christiansborg. Silence reigns also there.

The city looks both so eery in the silence that has fallen over it and ever so charming – glowing even brightly in the sun without the usual buzz of the traffic, of the pedestrians and of the tourists.


Cruising around, the steps lead us back to our hood – Vesterbro, where the cherry trees are starting to bloom and spread a pink veil all over Sønder Boulevard. It is a beautiful start of the day.


Photos © Ani Movsisyan & Andreas Eriksen

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