Dresden – the Beauty on Elbe

The cultural pearl of Germany is not far from Berlin, only about 2.5 hours of drive away. One cold February day in a company of our Spanish friends we made the trip. Despite the cold, the sun was shining and it added an extra charm to the city. It is a small city and we pretty much saw most of it in 1.5 days and even managed to visit a cool museum – the Hygiene Museum.

Dresden is essentially a walkable, quiet city. The division between Altstadt and Neustadt (old and new cities) is spanned by beautiful bridges. 3-4 km and you exchange the old, rich and breathtaking architecture with more modern surroundings, at parts soviet looking, at parts sad looking after the WW II, but mostly charming and colourful. Walls turned into canvases is not a rare thing in Dresden, and they have done an amazing job in conveying the message. So keep your eyes wide open!

There is no metro system in Dresden, however you can see cute yellow trams (Stra├čenbahn) buzzing in the city and of course buses. For tickets and prices check out Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe. There are special offers for tourists.

We stayed in the old city at NH Hotel Altmarkt. Superb location and wonderful hotel. Our first stop on the agenda was a visit to the world’s most beautiful dairy shop – the Pfunds Molkerei. Beautiful indeed it comes with a strict policy of no pictures allowed and somewhat expensive milk. Worth a visit none the less. Staying true to the artsy theme we explored the Kunsthof Arkade – a five-courtyard innovative space that makes one wish for an apartment there. Don’t miss a chance to visit the place and lunch at many cute cafes in there. Ahh and for the car lovers the famous Phaeton awaits you in a Volkswagen’s glass tower, which we of course included in our itinerary. A romantic stroll down the Promenade on the bank of Elbe should not be missed!

This is a google map with the highlights and secret spots of Dresden that we prepared for our trip. Hope you find it useful. Bon voyage!

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