Elephant Hunting in Copenhagen

Sounds intriguing, huh? :) It all started a few weeks ago when we visited the Copenhagen Zoo…

Photo © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan

Inside the zoo there is the very stylish Elephant House, designed by famous architect Norman Foster, which in addition to being a home to a big elephant family, also houses a very interesting exhibition about the world of these beautiful creatures. This exhibition, or a single item of it is what set us off on to fun adventures in Copenhagen. See below…

It's a map of places Copenhagen with elephant connections

It doesn’t take much to tickle our curious minds. Off we went in search of elephants. Come along and join our Sherlock Holmes team as we “walk-a-bike” beautiful København over the week when we could sneak out some time off.

The above map was not super helpful as we didn’t know the exact locations so we would just guessestimate. Under the map there was a screen showing all the places with addresses and photos, but hey! it’s much funnier to play the Sherlock game and wear the detective hat. So we disregarded the screen utterly… at least in the first round. So if you are our type then you should stop reading this post right here, as below I am going to reveal all the secret spots 😉

Here is a much nicer map with all the elephant spots

1. Elephant @ Vestergade 13

Just above the entrance door, a sculpture shaped like an elephant head is bearing the window. The original elephant was located at Vestergade 22 above the entrance to a beer pub "Musen & Elefanten", but has unfortunately been taken down as we found out with the closure of the pub.

2. Elephant @ Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket

The Glyptoteket is beautifully decorated with animals all the way. Don't be scared by roaring lions or flying angels as you work your way around the museum building. Head to the small park on the backside and you will see a proud elephant head greeting you from the wall. As an extra bonus for your chase, you will also find Rodin's The Thinker!

3. Elephant @ Politigården

There are two of them carved in granite on Nykredit's imposing building. As an extra bonus you get to admire by the coat of arms for Copenhagen and Århus.

4. Elephant @ Holmens Kirke

These ones are so cute and small and golden. Located on the gates of the Holmens Kirke by the canal.

5. Elephant @ Holmens Canal

6. Elephant @ Nyhavn 15

You will have to fight your way through the tourist crowds to get to this specimen from the elephant collection. It's adorning the façade of the green building. While you are at it, go down to the white building @ Nyhavn 67, where H.C. Andersen used to live.

7. Elephant @ Dronningens Tvergade

There are more elephants here than in the zoo. You will find them on Moltkes Palæ just opposite the Old Fellow mansion.

8. Elephant @ Nationalmuseet

Before you enter the National Museum of Denmark (free), let your gaze wander up to the sky - it will be greeted by four smiling elephant heads guarding the museum. While there take a few hours to explore the very interesting collections of the museum itself. It presents the history of Denmark throughout the ages and does quite a remarkable job at it. Tip ask the information desk to accompany you to nearby "Klunkelejligheder", old 18th century apartments that are kept in their original appearance.

9. Elephant @ Frederiksberg Have

They are right in front of you. In the romantic Frederiksberg Garden there is a wonderful spot overlooking right into the Elephant House. It's free and offers a great view.

So this was it for today. To be continued… just follow the trunk :)

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