Travel tales from near & far

Welcome to our world. Travelling has always been a huge part of me. It’s not just about outward and inward journeys, it’s also about sharing what I learned, tasted and saw in the wide wide world. This is where I do it. The beautiful, the peculiar, the hidden, the different – our world is full of amazing stuff. These are my takes on it, my observations, thoughts and adventures.


My ancient land…

Czech Republic
Romantic Prague

The land of romance and cheese

Chartres – a tiny town with a huge cathedral

The land of Bier & Wurst

Berlin on Foot
Berlin Cinemas

Dresden – the Beauty on Elbe

Berlin on Water
Phone Subscriptions
Berlin Suburbs – Köpenick
Cologne – the Fragrance City

The Netherlands
The low lands of canals and overflowing cuteness…


The exotic paradise…

Introduction to the Philippines

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