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Barev world! Barev is a beautiful, to my ears, word that means “hello” in Armenian.

I think I was born with a traveller’s suitcase in my hand. I am from a tiny country in the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Armenia, or Hayastan in my language, a country so ancient, that just the ancientness fact makes me hugely proud of it. It is a land of contrasts: of high mountains and low plains, of rugged rocks and beautiful flowers, of ancient churches and breathtaking sceneries. Most of all it is a country of heroic people, who have managed to stick around for some┬ámillennia. People with big big hearts and hospitable minds.

A few years ago a courageous Dane stole me over, Viking blood what can I say, and after two weddings, and two years of fabulous adventures in China and Germany, yes two very different countries and cultures, here we are now settled in the fairy tale country of Denmark.

Now back to that traveller’s suitcase business. I am leading quite a nomadic life and I truly love it. I love discovering new lands, new cultures and new lifestyles. It’s inspiring. Walking long distances to follow hidden trails, finding breathtaking panoramas, digging out the history behind what the eye can see, and taking photos are also things that inspire me. Reading books is a favourite past-time of mine, the ever-so-charming Audrey Hepburn is my lifelong icon, and learning languages is in my genes.

This blog is about my travels. I like to call them tales and I hope you will enjoy discovering the world through them.

– Ani Movsisyan

Having a bit of fun in ever so charming Paris

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