Winter on the beach in Denmark

Copenhagen has been my home for a few years now, but for some reason I have only discovered the urban beach of Amager Strandpark and the stunning public sea bath of Kastrup Søbad only a few days ago. Perhaps because I was usually away when the summer sun was shining brightly in Denmark over the years, or perhaps because you get this idea in your head that Amager is sooo far away when you live in the inner city, or perhaps because as extremely embarrassing as it is, to confess I don’t know how to swim…yet! There is no excuse for this.

As it usually goes in fairy tales, once upon a time, on a cold winter day in the start of the new year to be precise, I woke up in the morning feeling the playful rays of the sun on my face. Right then and there I decided that today would be the day when I would finally visit this much-hyped about city beach. Of course, having an appointment on that same day with a friend that lives just a stone’s throw away from the beach was very conducive as well.

As we spent a few hours walking along the coast and towards the sunset, I was in complete awe of the surrounding prettiness.

Kastrup søbad – everything in Denmark just needs to be postcard-perfect, even a public sea bath

In harmony with nature

Øresundsbroen melting with the sea in the horizon

Øresundsbroen melting with the sea in the horizon

My first reaction: I am on Bornholm – piercing dark blue water, clear sky getting pinky in the glowing sun, whitish sand and tranquility. That is the image that is greeting you when you direct your gaze towards the sea. Yet when you turn your head, you see the Amager Strand ‘skyscrapers’ in the horizon. Then you realise this is not quite the paradise of Bornholm, but it comes very close.

The ugly duckling

The ugly duckling gliding gracefully

A swan family. Careful not to get too close, they are rather fast in turning from graceful birds to angry warriors

In motion

Soaking in the view

My winter sunbather :)

Family hygge

Stunning sky over a stunning piece of architecture. Now I just need to learn how to swim.

Giant stones on the hill by the beach

Photos © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan

55×15 – where latitude meets longitude…

Bornholm, Bornholm… Here we meet again – this time for our efterårsferie retreat :)

Bornholm has quite a few picturesque wonders up its sleeve. The thing I love most about it, is that the island never ceases to amaze me. Despite its small size, it is like a magician’s box, you are always in for some exciting show.

This time it is not about its pretty nature, colourful fairy towns, white sand beaches and beautiful castles, no it is a pure geographic matter, but something that Bornholmers are proud to showcase to the visitors. In the south of Bornholm, in Østre Sømark near Slusegaard, there is one special point, called “geografisk knudepunkt”, where 55 degree north meets with 15 degree east. The thing that makes it even more special is that Bornholm is the only place in Denmark where the longitude meets latitude.

This 15 degree longitude is used to calculate the Central European timezone, i.e. the sun is at its highest peek at 12:00. This line passes through the town of Gudhjem in the north of Bornholm, so the timezone ala Bornholmsk is also called “Gudhjem time”.

En route to the where longitude meets latitude

This is where the magic happens :)

The tech proof - for the modern non-believers of ancient wisdom

Just a few meters down the hill you will find this paradise beach – Østre Sømark

Østre Sømark - white sand beach

Bornholm has the most stunning sunsets

By the car park another narrow path leading right takes you to a small cluster of straw-thatched houses. It is an old watermill farm. Inside the main building there is a small pond, that was used for catching and breeding trout. In the season, when the trouts are breeding in the streams, a lot of water is pushed out to lure the trouts up the stream. They get captured in the water basin, where they are captured to breed.

Slusegaard Vandmølle

Hej fra Bornholm :)

Hej there!

This is an impromptu post, as I just published my first blog post on, I of course wanted to share the story here as well.

It is about a beautiful island tucked away in Ostersøen (Baltic Sea),

where the churches are round…

Østerlars Rundkirke, the biggest and oldest round church on Bornholm (there are four round churches in total)

the beaches are white…

Snogebæk beach - the sand is so white, it can easily compete with sought-after tropical beaches

the fields are golden…

Bornholm fields - the changing seasons paint them from beautiful yellow and green to golden and white.

the sunsets are amazing…

Sunset on Bornholm @ Rønne harbour

the cities are charming…

Charming Rønne - the world's smallest capital

the herrings are smoked…

Herrings drying out and getting ready to be smoked

and you always find yourself on a rock-solid ground

Hammershus Castle Ruins - Northern Europe's largest castle ruins

BORNHOLM!!! The pearl of the Baltic Sea and Denmark’s sunshine island! It’s the world’s most beautiful island, I am totally biased mind, as my husband comes from this island, but honestly it’s is such a charming paradise to be. If you ask the Danes, they will mostly have school memories associated with it, as it is a near-mandatory destination for school trips in 6th-8th grade. Probably you even heard this famous song about the island (which during summer season plays over the speakers in Bornholm ferry upon arrival in Rønne :) )

“Bornholm! Bornholm! Bornholm!

Du, min dejlige ferieø!

Bornholm! Bornholm! Bornholm!

Ved den herlige Østersø!”

It’s a place where we escape often to relax and be in the beautiful and serene nature. Our last trip was a few weeks ago, devoted largely to hiking around the island, a magical experience and highly recommended. Below is one of the hikes we did.

Hammerknuden Hike Route – 8 km can be done in 3-4 hours

Dubbed as one of the most scenic routes in Denmark it starts at Sandvig camping site

View to Sandvig Beach and Allinge

The route around Hammerknuden will take you straight past these highlights.

Hammer Odde Fyr - the "new" lighthouse from 1895

Solomons Kapel - when the fishermen don't want to come to the church, the church comes to the fishermen. The chapel was built here as it used to be a very active herring market.

The island's northernmost point - on clear days you can see as far away as Sweden

View to beautiful Hammershus

Hammer Fyr - ideal for a picnic, climb up the lighthouse for gorgeous views across the sea (free entrance)

Nordbornholms Røgeri - the best smokehouse on Bornholm, finish off your hike here

If this inspired you to head east, don’t hesitate to get in touch, I am happy to share our tips for Bornholm. Or if you have already been there, it would be lovely to hear about your adventures :)

Vi ses…

Photos © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan