Tisvilde Hegn – where the forest meets the beach

Zealand is so much more than its pretty capital, København. It is castles, cliffs, small and picturesque towns… It is also vast forests that suddenly open up into wild waters of sea. This latter kind of landscape is what I associate with Denmark most. Forests-turn-beaches!

If we didn’t live in the era of Google Maps and well maps in general, I imagine the surprise we would experience when under our feet the mushy soil of forests transforms into sand of Danish beaches… when the pine trees disappear into sand dunes… when the green forest veil is lifted up and blown away by the undulating waves of the sea. This scenery amazes me every single time.

Tisvilde Hegn, nested on the northwestern shores of Zealand, is one such place. Well it is actually more, to the perfect forest & beach union it also adds a touch of history, with fortress ruins and lost villages.

Asserbo Slotsruin

Asserbo Slotsruin – here once stood a fortress and a monastery, in the 1100s. Some 600 years later it surrendered to the mighty sands blowing from the beach.

Into the deep, deep forest

Forest elves holding a meeting


Stillness of nature

Love in the forest – our Lithuanian friends, Karolis & Aiste

Believe it or not here once stood a small village with rich and not-so houses. But there came the sands again and took control. Pity for the owners, true, but on the other hand, the beautiful forest now stands intact.

Feels like a Game of Throne’s scene, but thankfully it isn’t, otherwise the flocks of fans would have already attacked this peaceful forest. It is a typical viking grave site.

At the end of this mushy forest path a surprise awaits…

… the wild waters of Kattegat! It was crazy windy, incredibly beautiful and peacefully deserted.

Embracing the wildness!

Feel the power!

Looks like we are searching for something…

The sea is bathing.




Sunset on the beach – looks very idyllic, what it doesn’t show is that we were quite close to being blown away by the frosty winds of the sea.

Photos © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan